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About us

IT Project Northern Europe is a company that has created a synergy between cosmopolite professionals with deep knowledge and experience in different fields of business

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We are discovering challenges & issues of concern and then implementing solutions to make the world a better place. It is important for us to satisfied with a product we have created

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Our slogan and drive

We cook IT! Yes we do! Just developing a solution is not enough to make the world better, everyone needs a product. Hiring a subcontractor and an agency could be a solution but we think there is more passion needed to develop something really good! Driven and experienced professionals can deliver.

Every product is a combination of different knowledge from a set of industries and segments of business

Product development requires more then software. Combination of skillsets is needed

Web Development

Web Development using variety of technologies. Mainly Python with Angular, 'cause we like it! .NET of Ruby etc is not a problem, we’ve got skills.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone. User Interface / User eXperience design - on board.


Engineering including electronic devices and telecom stuff. We are like high technology toys and Internet of Things


Business processes and management, we have successfully performed there before we have decided to look like hipsters


Marketing, brand design and PR, social media strategy, search engine optimization. Graphical and print design


Projects should fit existing or create new processes that generate revenue and achieve goals, that's why we love processes

Our hashtags

Products need our skills to be cool

Product development consulting
Startups development
Web and mobile software
Innovation management
Heavy-loaded applications
Advanced algorithms

Partners — our network of friends trusts our solutions and knows our way of working which makes new projects an adventure and productive collaboration with common goals


Startups — we love working with driven and passionate people who enjoy what they do. We can help with tech, we can search for investors together, we can join the startup


Every business model and process can be enhanced or find a new way to get a revenue. We will develop products implementing this together and make sure goals are achieved

Investors and angels

Investors and angels — you are always searching for interesting ideas and projects, so do we, let’s team up!

Every team has strong and weak sides, we are honest and opened to our partners, because we have the same goal - succesful product on the market

Our fancy sides

We are passionate and professional product developers

We are curious enough to be creative and experienced enough to deliver great things with a strong value

We can design and develop comfortable and functional web and mobile applications

Big data backends and complex algorithms are our favourites, we love math and we’re good at it

Our weaknesses

We will not take the project that we don’t like

We are not working with people who are not passionate and inspired - it brings bad karma

We are super social and totally not office type, see you at the live concerts, out walking, taking photos or grilling

Maxim Moneta
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"I have spent all my life inventing innovations and bringing them into life, because computer technology, processes, management and generating ideas were always my passion. Currently my main interest is to grow the synergy of different components of more complex processes and run successful startups."

Let's create great products together!